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This hand made sweatsuit features a full zip, and continues the legacy of BRUJAS corporal garment concepts. Channels, points and flows are optimistically represented, inspired by acupuncture and bodywork. While SS18-SEIZE BELLEVUE and FW19-TSA pieces critique disciplinary body mapping, this piece is encouraging of self-exploration. However, representing the body is a responsibility that contains a discursive historical context. Working towards orienting style and affect in experimental fashion is political and does impact our consciousness. Medicinal and corporal representation of all kinds work t process bodies in ways that could never fully explain the depth of the physiological experience of life. Maps are helpful guides for healing and awareness, but will not necessarily describe what we feel when we get there. Everyone is brave for going in and engaging their awareness!

These handprinted 1/1 garments will ship when they are ready. No mix & match sizing. Ships from NYC, separate from California products ( bra, boxer, hyeena hoodie, sk8 pants).

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