Cabbage Magazine Vol. 1 [ Seize Bellevue Lookbook & Contents ]


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Cabbage Magazine is now a publication for revolutionary youth. As the producers of new ideas come closer to the production of raw materials, from garments to images and writings, there needs to be supportive forces aware of the power of this connection. Within each edition of Cabbage exists a section titled Cotton, a unique print feature that caters specifically to clothing producers. We provide an honorary platform to release look books. By doing this, we hope to navigate streetwear away from the bullshit of the Internet. Streetwear is the soft political force driving youth culture and we want everything. We are now producing our new approach to step up from zines, and turning into a full publication including personal narratives and conceptual styled shoots and art. Our first new issue will feature BRUJAS from NYC releasing their SEIZE BELLEVUE collection, with over 68 pages of color print ( 2 look books & 5 original writing pieces ).

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