CAP Hoodie

CAP Hoodie


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Virgil’s “3% rule” or “cheat code” positions that a small alteration to a design is enough to make it original.

The design process that appropriates industrial iconography is a failing method, and brand collaborations that operate industrial productions are as well. Slightly altering what we see around us is not imaginative, and does not create avenues of emancipation.

Fuck a collab.They need us and our brands, a 3% optical variable to continue their industry, but we don't need them.

Everywhere there is slave labor, in sweatshops, on retail floors, at shoots, the labor accumulation that makes global trade possible builds and trauma is reactivated.

You cannot change the industry from within, we have to build something co-operative and completely new.

Join BRUJAS WORLD, all proceeds from "CAP go to building the technology and supporting the labor behind a future union for BRUJAS interested in divesting from the global industry, because it is fundamentally racist, whoever sits at the head, and because it is fundamentally exploitative no matter how beautiful. All owners get access to member materials, including a longer more extensive analysis of YEEZY Season 9.

Made in USA. you don't get to choose the color ;-)